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5th Peoples' Global Action Gathering in Europe Athens 20th / 27th of August PDF Print E-mail

By vlanto, on 14-04-2008 15:55

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PGA - People's Global Action - started in 1998, it has been a tool and a
diffuse structure coordinating groups and people sharing common struggles
and practices, in accordance with various anticapitalist and
anti-authoritarian principles (see the hallmarks). PGA initiated the
Intercontinental caravan in 1999, as well as international action days of
actions against the G8, the WTO, the World Bank, the IMF... In Seattle,
Genoa, Prague, and in a number of less popular events, PGA was a driving
force behind numerous actions and reflections. At the convergence of
international initiatives and local struggles, groups close to the PGA are
now looking for new drives to challenge stagnation.

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Peoples Global Action inspired newsletter #4 PDF Print E-mail

By vlanto, on 14-04-2008 15:54

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At the PGA-conference in Dijon a need for a non-digital communication-tool was mentioned. There was an idea to refresh a printed newsletter. We would like to continue the project with this call. Our aim is to continue using this newsletter as forum of debates, different project, actions and struggles of collectives, related to PGA. The newsletter does not speak in the name of the network, but is inspired by PGA.

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Romania: Authoritarians Trample On Constitution, Civil Rights PDF Print E-mail

By admin, on 07-04-2008 20:08

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 In preparation for the NATO summit and during the period of the NATO Summit in Bucharest, the Romanian state and Bucharest city government may have violated all or more than the following Romanian Constitutional articles:

1. Article 21 Access to Justice
2. Article 23 Individual Freedom
3. Article 24 Right to legal counsel
4. Article 25 Freedom of movement
5. Article 29 Freedom of conscience
6. Article 30 Freedom of expression
7. Article 39 Freedom of assembly
8. Article 40 Right of association

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Anti-nato protestants arrested - mass media PDF Print E-mail

By Church Lies, on 06-04-2008 02:12

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 Not far from the centre of Bucharest, near the Timpuri Noi factory, a group of young people rented a space, but following some misunderstandings with the director of the space, they were forcefully thrown out.


Several policemen that came to verify them have found out that these young people were planning to protest against Nato.

One of the people that observed this incident is a woman. She lives near the rented space.

            “They took some young people that were inside. That’s all I saw. Nothing else. They threw them  inside their two police vans and left. I can’t tell you anything else”, says a nearby witness.


But one of these young people, Rares, who did not enter the rented space together with his collegues, explained to BBC what they were up to:

            “This space was supposed to be a space for criticizing the war, the Nato politics, and for promoting peace. Inside there were supposed to be talks, some workshops, readings and concerts, as far as I know”, says Rares.

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Anti-Nato militants, retained from the Timpuri Noi area - mass media PDF Print E-mail

By admin, on 06-04-2008 02:04

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 Tens of masksed policemen have intervened, on Wednesday, at aproximately 14.00 o’clock, to evacuate 46 anti-nato militants from the Timpuri Noi area in Bucharest, where they had rented a building.

The evacuation operation has been executed by camouflaged policemen and workers of the fast intervention police unit, the militants beeing taken to Police stations 10, 11 and 12 in Bucharest.

The Bucharest Police spokesman, commisioner Cristian Ciocan, declared for Mediafax, that 46 persons that were in a rented space in the Timpuri Noi area on Wednesday, have been taken to four police stations in Bucharest for identification, after which they will be released.

12 people have been taken to police station no.23, among which 4 german citizens, a czech citizen, a spanish citizen and six romanian citizens, and 13 persons have been taken to police station no.12, among which four german citizens, a czech citizen, a moldavian citizen and seven romanians of which one was a romanian citizen with residence in Holland.

Also, 11 people have been taken to police station no.10, among which 8 germans, a portuguese and two romanian, and 16 people were taken to police station no.11, a polish citizen, 6 germans, 5 romanians and four swiss citizens.

“The four swiss citizens taken to police station no.11 have been retained before the incident from the Timpuri Noi area, for identification”, commisioner Christian Ciocan stated.

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Bucharest Declaration PDF Print E-mail

By Church Lies, on 05-04-2008 19:31

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 The Common Voice from the anarchists and anti-militarists who gathered in Bucharest in April 2008 to protest against the NATO summit.

As long as there will be war, as well as systems and organizations that support militarization, murder, and profit-making from conflicts, there will be always movements protesting against them. Nowadays NATO is the most influential military alliance in the world. That’s why wherever a NATO summit will take place there will be people resisting it. Bucharest is not an exception.

In spite of the media intoxication as well as governmental repressions, which started already months before the summit, hundreds of anti-militarists both, Romanian and international, gathered in the capital city, Bucharest.

The mainstream media bombarded the Romanian population with an image of the anti-militaristic activists as careless, terrorists, hooligans and enemies of the common Romanian people, who were only coming to destroy the city. This was all absurd and obviously fabricated as most of the mass media never even bothered to try and find any information from the anti-militarist side.

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Scrisoarea deschisa pentru oamenii obisnuiti din Romania PDF Print E-mail

By some translator, on 31-03-2008 01:35

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in atentia presei din ROMANIA



Scrisoarea deschisa pentru oamenii obisnuiti din Romania

Ne vom vedea pe strazile din Bucuresti: Promisiunea e promisiune!

Scrisoarea deschisa pentru oamenii obisnuiti din Romania, de niste anarhisti din Berlin

Aici in Berlin am auzit in ultimele zile ca din anumite motive cativa oameni isteti din Romania de la putere incearca sa creeze un antagonism intre oamenii obisnuiti si anarhisti lansand zvonuri despre sosirea "autobuzului cu anarhisti din Berlin" la Bucuresti pentru protestele anti-NATO. Acesta fiind un fapt, noi, anarhistii din Berlin, am dori sa confirmam informatia despre sosirea din partile acestea, dar ceea ce este mai important este sa explicam motivatiile noastre de dincolo de a vizita Bucurestiul la inceputul lui aprilie oamenilor din Romania. Pentru inceput trebuie sa admitem ca suntem foarte bucurosi ca autoritatile romane si media corporata au recunoscut anarhistii ca seriosi oponenti ai celor ce duc razboaiele NATO. Da, noi ca anarhisti, ca oameni ce se opun oricarei forme de putere asupra oamenilor, ce se opun oricaror relatii sociale autoritariene si oricarei forme de exploatare si constrangere, ne opunem in mod consecvent institutiilor armatei, industriei armelor si in general militarismului din lume. Asta pentru ca unul dintre principiile centrale ale filosofiei sociale anarhiste este COOPERAREA si AJUTORUL RECIPROC intre oameni. Militarismul se bazeaza pe ceva cu totul opus. De asemenea, nu suntem atat de naivi sa credem ca vreo structura sau infrastructura militarista au ceva in comun cu crearea pacii pe pamant. Din contra: stim ca puterea si interesele economice sunt ascunse in spatele infinitei militarizari a lumii; stim ca producerea armelor este o afacere grozava si ca are nevoie de razboaie sa se intample din cand in cand pentru ca afacerea sa continue. In sfarsit, NATO este una dintre institutiile centrale care face aceasta nebunie sa continue. De aceea anarhistii se vor opune intotdeauna si se vor confrunta in mod activ cu cei care duc razboaiele NATO.


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The open letter to common people of Romania PDF Print E-mail

By some Berlin anarchists, on 30-03-2008 22:31

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 We will see you on the streets of Bucharest: Promised is promised!

The open letter to common people of Romania by some Berlin anarchists


Here in Berlin we have heard last days that for some reasons some clever people sitting at the power position in Romania are trying to antagonise the common Romanian people and the anarchists by spreading rumours about an arrival of the “bus with Berlin anarchists” to Bucharest for the anti-NATO protests. If this is a fact, we, anarchists from Berlin, would like to confirm the information about the arrival from our side, but what is much more important, is to explain our motivations behind visiting Bucharest at the beginning of April to the people in Romania. At first we have to admit that we are very glad that the Romanian authorities and corporate media recognised anarchists as serious opponents of the war-makers from NATO. Yes, we, as anarchists, as people opposing any sort of power over the people, opposing any authoritarian social relations, opposing any sort of exploitation and compulsion, we are consequently opposing the institutions of army, we oppose the weapon industry, and generally, the militarization of the world. Thus because one of the central principles of anarchist social philosophy is COOPERATION and MUTUAL AID between the people. Militarism stays for something completely opposite to it. As well, we are not so naive to believe that any militaristic structure and infrastructure have anything to do with creating the peace on this planet. Quite an opposite: we know what power and economical interests are hidden behind never ending militarization of the world; we know that producing weapons is a great business, and that this needs the wars to happen from time to time so that this business can continue. Finally, NATO is one of the central institutions to keep this madness going on. That is why anarchists will always oppose and actively confront the NATO-War-Makers.

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Report from the serbian border PDF Print E-mail

By admin, on 24-03-2008 22:57

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 the paper we got today around 12.15 we arrived at the serbian border near the town dimitrovgrad.we were not surprised to be called out of the bus together with another woman from iraque but with swedish passport,because we had our experience with the serbian border last time where the border control made some of us take off their clothes until the underwear and was checking for something quite badly on the breasts and even part of in the underwear.they took us out from the bus and started to look in all our stuff in the bags.they found some patches,stickers and papers,which they first had to take to their boss what took them quite a long time in which we could hear the telephone ring tone of one of the border control which contained obviously a part of a speech of hitler where he called the germans 1941 to the war.after around one hour checking our stuff and investigating us about where we have been we got told that we were not allowed to enter serbia with the first explanation that it was forbidden to enter with our stuff.

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Anti-NATO summit Bucharest: The attempt to harass international protest PDF Print E-mail

By admin, on 23-03-2008 15:30

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 We arrived on March the 20th at about 8 o'clock in the evening at the Romanian border in Calafat. The border police ordered us to park our two cars beside and started to search them completely for four hours, looking after drugs, weapons and explosives as they said. We had none of that with us but they took all our info material, including books, pamphlets, posters and even patches, buttons and t-shirts away to copy, photograph and document them. Furthermore they took away our laptops for about ten hours, one of them got obviously opened, some screws were missing. Two women got body searched for injection marks. It was obvious that they were looking for a reason to send us back. At three o'clock in the morning they started to interrogate us one by one. The interrogations where made by two guys (one leading interrogator probably named Mr. Zagrabu) from the secret service (SRI) and a translator for English. They where lying about certain laws (not connected to the anti-NATO summit, or political activism), we might have broken, to have a reason for the start of the interrogation and by this as well trying to spread some panic. But soon coming to the point of political activism and the upcoming NATO summit in Bucharest. They where pretty obvious in their aim all along. Our refusals to answer questions, making return questions and claiming for legal support, wasn't really expected by them. After trying it over and over again, playing the nice cop and the bad one, or trying to split us up, by offering some of us that they could leave without the others immediately (without any cooperation from our side), they gave up after three interrogations.

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PGA inspired infotour post yugoslavia march 2008 PDF Print E-mail

By vlanto, on 21-02-2008 13:02

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a call to all antiauthoritarian , grassroots and anticapitalist collectives on ex yugoslavian region that are willing to host that project

purpose of the tour is announcing of coming PGA conference in Athens 20th to 27th of august 2008 and involving more people in the PGA network and in organisation of conference. Tour also wants to connect activist groups and autonomous individuals on former yugoslavia and balkan region email contact of the coordination collective of the tour malo_kucence at

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call to joy of revolt in maribor 3-4 march 2008 PDF Print E-mail

By vlanto, on 21-02-2008 12:48

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CALL TO ALL ACTIVE GROUPS AND INDIVIDUALS FROM NEAR AND FAR Radost obrata ¾ - Joy of revolt ¾ 3-4 March 2008, Maribor, Slovenia On 03 and 04 of March 2008

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new website of balkans decentralised network PDF Print E-mail

By vlanto, on 21-02-2008 12:33

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we are glad to announce that the website of balkans decentralised network is online  


Last update: 21-02-2008 13:25

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Are we ready for the NATO Summit? PDF Print E-mail

By caiskandarani, on 01-10-2007 12:38

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 In the 20’s, left wing people were complaining that the situation could not get any worse. I doubt that the situation would have been singular. As a left winger, you would have found out then that the peasants wanted land, political rights, popular banks, ruling of the law, far from the slightest trace of agrarian socialism.
The workers wanted insurances and universal vote, but didn’t want rights for the working women and were anti-semite. The Jews wanted exclusive fiscal facilities.
In such a climate, any form of pure socialism was bound to fail, and at some point, when it was taken outside the law, the opportunists had to mingle either with the liberals or the conservatories.
At that point, because of these fights and of too many compromises, an anarchist movement was started by a group of intellectuals that taxed voting, election fight and the concessions made. This movement didn’t last for long and references to it were erased from almost every historical account.

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Violence Against Women PDF Print E-mail

By anarcha_erinye, on 26-09-2007 17:02

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Women are vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse, often because their social circumstances enable or excuse such violence. Violence against women occurs both in private, in families and intimate relationships, and in public. It crosses assumed social, cultural and religious barriers.
Traditional forms of violence for example include female genital mutilation (also called "female circumcision), honour killings and early marriage. Some of these practices are considered necessary rituals for a woman to be an accepted member of society. In some communities, traditional forms of violence are not considered to be 'violence' at all. Early marriage, the exchange of a dowry, and female genital mutilation are all thought to be important ways to celebrate a women's transition into adulthood or marriage.
Female Genital Mutilation
In parts of the world, an operation is performed on female babies and children to remove parts of their genitalia. This operation, called female genital mutilation (FGM) is believed to promote hygiene and ensure "purity," and is sometimes performed to celebrate the transi¬tion into a woman. Sometimes, FGM is also believed to prevent women from having sexual desires that would make her unfaithful to her husband. But FGM is actually very damaging to the women's body. The procedure is often performed in unsanitary conditions and can result in infection. It can cause lifelong pain, difficulty in childbirth and may even cause sterility-the inability to have children. Women can die because of infections or difficulty during childbirth. According to the World Health Organization, between 85 and 115 million women had to undergo FGM and suffer from its damaging effects.
Honour Killings
In many societies, women accused of engaging in illicit sex, or even women who have been raped, are murdered. These women are accused of damaging their family's honour by behaving shamefully; their deaths are believed to redeem their families' reputations. These murders are called "honour killings," because a woman's "purity" is linked to her family's honour.

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Sexualized Violence In War and Political Crisis PDF Print E-mail

By anarcha_erinye, on 26-09-2007 16:15

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Published in : Articles, War and conflict

 In times of war and political crisis, when on the run, in refugee camps and also in the post-war confusion, women are too often targets of massive sexual violence. This includes gang rape, special forms of torture, forced prostitution, sexual harassment and sexual abuse. However, also in times of social repression and crisis, and in the post war period, women are widely exposed to sexualized violence against women.
For example, immediately after the Tsunami catastrophe, there were reports of rape and gang rape cases in the aftermath of the chaos. Male leaders of refugee camps misused their power to exploit and embarrass women.
A look at some figures:

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Anti-abortion march PDF Print E-mail

By admin, on 26-09-2007 09:56

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Published in : Articles, Discrimination

“On Childrens Day, June 1st, several pro-life organizations from Romania carry on actions and events to promote respect for human life right from the moment of conception and to render the public opinion regarding the situation of abortions in Romania.”
Such a predictable and disgusting thing was happening there, that after 5 minutes of analysing the humble, all immaculate young ladies, the all-mighty priests and the children indocrinated by them, and after reading the placards with children and mothers that have the right to live and other clishees, I was so indisposed and queasy that I wanted to leave. Yesterday I found out about this so called march from some friends….and I went there to see exactly who was present and what sort of “arguments” did they have. Now I found on the internet: “Tomorrow, June 1st, The Hope and Solidarity Foundation – The Info-Adolescent Centre, the Birth of Christ Church – The Clinical Hospital Cuza Voda Iasi, The First Step Association, The Nr.1 District of Priests Iasi and ASCOR Iasi, invite you to the March of Life, a march of silence and prayer, for commemoration of all the children aborted in Romania. The March will unfurl in between the hours 17-19, on the following route: St. Nicolae Church’ esplanade – Stephen the Great and Holy Boulevard – National Theatre esplanade – C7 building of the Cuza Voda Maternity (the clinic where abortions are being carried on) – Cuza-Voda street – Armeana street – C.Negri street – Sf.Sava Church. The participants will gather together on the esplanade in front of the Palace of Culture Square, where the first part of the Annunciation prayer – symbol of the joy of giving birth - will be read, and in front of the C7 building of the Cuza Voda Maternity the second part of the Annunciation prayer will be read and a silence moment will be held in memory of the children that have been killed through abortion in this medical unit.”

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Food not bombs. July 1st PDF Print E-mail

By bokancel, on 26-09-2007 09:47

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 In the middle of summer, on a Sunday with reasonable temperatures compared to the hot days of June, we gathered again for a Food not Bombs, action that becomes more of a routine (in a good way) both for us and for the people that come to eat.

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