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By admin, on 26-09-2007 09:56

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“On Childrens Day, June 1st, several pro-life organizations from Romania carry on actions and events to promote respect for human life right from the moment of conception and to render the public opinion regarding the situation of abortions in Romania.”
Such a predictable and disgusting thing was happening there, that after 5 minutes of analysing the humble, all immaculate young ladies, the all-mighty priests and the children indocrinated by them, and after reading the placards with children and mothers that have the right to live and other clishees, I was so indisposed and queasy that I wanted to leave. Yesterday I found out about this so called march from some friends….and I went there to see exactly who was present and what sort of “arguments” did they have. Now I found on the internet: “Tomorrow, June 1st, The Hope and Solidarity Foundation – The Info-Adolescent Centre, the Birth of Christ Church – The Clinical Hospital Cuza Voda Iasi, The First Step Association, The Nr.1 District of Priests Iasi and ASCOR Iasi, invite you to the March of Life, a march of silence and prayer, for commemoration of all the children aborted in Romania. The March will unfurl in between the hours 17-19, on the following route: St. Nicolae Church’ esplanade – Stephen the Great and Holy Boulevard – National Theatre esplanade – C7 building of the Cuza Voda Maternity (the clinic where abortions are being carried on) – Cuza-Voda street – Armeana street – C.Negri street – Sf.Sava Church. The participants will gather together on the esplanade in front of the Palace of Culture Square, where the first part of the Annunciation prayer – symbol of the joy of giving birth - will be read, and in front of the C7 building of the Cuza Voda Maternity the second part of the Annunciation prayer will be read and a silence moment will be held in memory of the children that have been killed through abortion in this medical unit.” “Let the children come to me”, “The Lord considers abortion a crime”, “Romania is the country in Europe with most abortions”, “It is not moral, normal or nice”, “I’m 16 weeks old, is my mum going to kill me?”, “Save the unborn children”. To what extent can stupidity go? Abortion is a right gained heavily by the women of the civilized world. The negative consequences to which a woman is exposed to following an abortion can be diminished through education and not through criminalizing abortion. What is their argument if you are an atheist future mother (or not), or if you have other principles regarding what is normal and nice, although it wouldn’t make you jump with joy at the thought of getting an abortion? Of course, we did not find out.
Any woman should have the right to get an abortion, because in the first 3-4 months from conception you cannot literally say that you’re “killing your child”. Moreover, when the anti-abortion social campaign is carried on through a religious perspective, the debate concerning the degree of awareness of the fetus is not relevant.
They gathered in front of the church with their not so convincing placards – that made us laugh and make all sorts of jokes that I don’t even want to remember….the atmosphere resembled the American church services, held in front of the church, on Sundays, for flocks of families, occasion to celebrate the girls with greasy long hair that covered their indecent bottoms, that hold their fathers’ arm dreaming about the day when they’re going to step towards the altar in the most beautiful white dress so that they can finally get some…oh but it’s a sin to think about that.
A priest started talking about how many abortions are being carried on in Romania, how bad is abortion in front of God, how this march has the purpose of informing young people about the consequences of abortion, about the fact that there are organizations that can offer counseling, blahblah BUT also that in some countries abortion is illegal. Aha! Another one that sights over Ceausescu’s dictatorship, such a “splendid” time! Is it really ok to forbid abortion in a country in which 80% of the population doesn’t have anything to eat in the last week of the month? I understand that to some people it may seem immoral, but wouldn’t it be better just to have the right to an opinion and a choice? “How can you not think it as immoral?? We’ll get the devil out of you then!”
A service followed (yes….can you believe it?), we received flyers and tiny books of prayers from friendly girls with strabism that kept stumbling in their long black skirts. “Are you sure you already have one?” Yeeeees, god damn it!
Of course, the New Right was there. Radu got a very “juicy” interview from their leader. And that was about it.
Once again, it has been proved…..religion stops a thinking mind.

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