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By caiskandarani, on 01-10-2007 12:38

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 In the 20’s, left wing people were complaining that the situation could not get any worse. I doubt that the situation would have been singular. As a left winger, you would have found out then that the peasants wanted land, political rights, popular banks, ruling of the law, far from the slightest trace of agrarian socialism.
The workers wanted insurances and universal vote, but didn’t want rights for the working women and were anti-semite. The Jews wanted exclusive fiscal facilities.
In such a climate, any form of pure socialism was bound to fail, and at some point, when it was taken outside the law, the opportunists had to mingle either with the liberals or the conservatories.
At that point, because of these fights and of too many compromises, an anarchist movement was started by a group of intellectuals that taxed voting, election fight and the concessions made. This movement didn’t last for long and references to it were erased from almost every historical account. Another moment that’s worth mentioning is the “communist” regime from before 1989. We can say that we’ve lived in a national-communist, authoritarian, retrograde and nationalist regime, a lot closer to the national bolshevik and the extreme right wing. What did we inherit? A segment of population that assimilates left with the former regime, conservatory people, that love discipline, authority, but have no real clue about social justice and as electorate are very easy to be influenced by the extreme right. And another segment of population that hates the former regime and gives a negative connotation to the left wing.
So, if you were to state that you have some sort of affinity with the left, you risk getting tags like authoritarian, anti-democrat, anti-christian, or to find new nationalist “friends” that praise in a very awkward way the former regime.

As for the superior scene of politics, it can be said that it’s on the same level. We all know that the new politics transform the socialism of the 20th century into the liberalism of the 19th century. The big social democratic parties are in a liberal area, and the small ones that pretend to be communist celebrate nationalist heroes or legionaries and as example they use the NPD – concerning their tactics to collaborate with the syndicates.

The syndicates have become only a voice in the civil society and have lost a long time ago their “status” of pressure groups.
And a great part of the ones that could be left wing people, action and initiative people are almost the same as in the 20’s.
The small communities of Jews that are still living in Romania after the change of regime are in their majority neo-conservatories. A great part of the workmanship still has discriminative and sexist tendencies. Some rroma people hate the sexual minorities, and the organizations that promote the rights of sexual minorities come from a liberal zone and don’t collaborate with other autonomous groups.

If we direct our attention to the low area of the society we can observe the same problems, even some others that are out of the ordinary.
In the last years, there were actually 3 initiatives to form the Romanian Social Forum. Two of them were embezzled by people that had no relation with the Social Forums. The first of them was facilitated by liberal political people; officials, people of culture and people of the church were invited to it. Another group of initiative of FSR arose, but soon transformed into a small and closed group because of so many incidents and because of the fear of another embezzlement by the secret services, taking into consideration that the first initiator of the “Romanian Social Forum” was a woman that had worked in the romanian secret services.
Attac also appeared, but very soon disappeared in the fog.

The anarchist/autonomous scene is extremely small. The anarchism being known through anarcho punk bands, continued to be promoted through music, even though after a few years the scene wasn’t big at all, and was still full of people with stereotypes of any kind, unlimited violence, etc. Although small, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t conflicts between the few groups and people.

This is kind of the portrait of romania in the year 2007. And starting from here, everyone can imagine how a mobilization against nato would look.
We can even imagine how people react to such a topic, surely better then 10-20 years ago when many of the ones over 50 still lived in a semi-myth of awaiting the Americans.

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