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By vlanto, on 21-02-2008 12:33

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we are glad to announce that the website of balkans decentralised network is online  


This network is a result of a long process and discussion about digital tools and physical meetings which we, grassroots, autonomous, anti-authoritarian collectives from Balkans and beyond need in order to make our struggles more visible and powerful.

We are activists from Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia who are involved in local struggles but always with a global aspect.
The idea of this network came out from the last PGA inspired infotour, September 2007, when two activists traveled together in seven countries in Balkans and eastern-Europe.
We desire more collectives and people to join this project and make it a useful coordination tool - also with the critics of it - for future common actions, information exchange, call-outs for several issues.

The political goals of this initiative are based on the 5 hallmarks of Peoples Global Action network and it is a clearly inspired project by this network.
We don't accept any kind of formal hierarchy and we struggle against the informal one. We support the clear dignity of human beings as well as the animal liberation.

We call every grassroots movement, anti-authoritarian collective, autonomous space who feel related to this process to join this network as well as to join the further discussion for common activities in balkans and the support and solidarity of the anti-capitalist struggle everywhere!
We call everyone to get involved with a decentralized autonomous network without any representatives or relations with institutional organizations!

We are everywhere!

Last update : 21-02-2008 13:25


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