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Start of the anti nato-info tour 10.03.2008 (11 am or rather many hrs later) PDF Print E-mail

By anarcha_erinye, on 12-03-2008 17:37

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in connection to the autnonomous counter summit in Bucharest (28th of march till 5th of april)


yesterday we began the tour.- we arrived around 7 in the anarchist infocafe krtkova kolona in prague -.the infoshop was full and we discussed with people about the situation in Romania and the upcoming NATO summit over 1 1/2 hour - we exchanged information regarding

the local scene, possibilities of state and fascist repression during the counter summit - a tip for people who want to travel there: get your local legal support informed about your plans, because there is right now no alternative legal support network in place in Romania - the discussion continued till late at night at the squat Milada, also involving April 2008 action days for squatting fortress Europe.


thanx for the medical aid stuff, the translated copies, the nice sleeping place (Milada rules!)


for people planning to travel to Bucharest, we still have contacts to people all over Europe with free seats on the way - so get in contact over This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

to be continued soon (on ....



  • a cap
  • a tank cap
  • a sweater (maybe lost in köpi, brunnen, scherer, infocafe, milada, chaos bus, a gas station somewhere between …. if you find it, please bring the sweater to Bucharest)
  • an imaginary dog



  • a cap
  • 25 cent
  • two sheep-killing dogs


future losses (we hope to get rid off)

  • one of the travelling dogs (r.i.p. c.)


our biggest problem at the moment: not knowing enough ‘English’ to understand the Dutch manual of the bus (who the f*** took a Dutch manual on tour?!)




update Brno (Czech Republic) 11.03.2008


info table in the center – during the few hrs, seeing some nazis at a distance, but having quite a lot of talks with interested people.


…. to be continued soon

Last update : 12-03-2008 17:43


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