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By admin, on 22-03-2008 15:58

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After the experience of yesterday , all the people that what to cross the border now should keep in mind that the border police ( Romania authorities) will look for the smallest and most ridiculous reason not to let them cross the border in Romania. Since weeks ago media is creating a false imagine of anarchists that will come in Romania and starts violent riots, just to give an excuse for the police repression.

So for your security we advice you not to take with you: drugs, weapons (that could also mean pepper sprays although they are legal in Romania but they could also can be bought in Romania, cheap-3 euro), info material (we don’t know exactly what kind of materials they are looking for, but for sure anti-nato, ant-globalization…), or any kind objects that you think could be a potential reason of trouble.

Think about where you want to cross the border.

Have in mind that your protest against-nato starts already at the border. 

If you have trouble there is a contact no. 0040747816885, soon will be in function.

Solidarity is our weapon against them!

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