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Pictures and Video from the romanian border violations PDF Print E-mail

By admin, on 22-03-2008 20:47

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- preparing little protest after 15hrs detention on the       21st of March


- Little Protest



- Border Police tried to stop us 



- Border Police escort to ferry



- "go away" 


- on the right Mr. X Boss of the Calafat border point 


- mr.x and the secret police from the interrogations 


- in the middle,       brown jacket_ mr.y secret police interrogator 


- fuck off deportation 


- deportation by ferry 


- arriving infront of bulgarian border control 


- leaving the ferry to bulgaria 


- video


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By: popica26 (Registered) on 01-04-2008 10:20


By: popica26 (Registered ) on 01-04-2008 10:20

now really guys, nobody in Romania gives a fuck about your opinions, so its best and safer for you kids to go or stay home!...Romania ain't Germany and Bucharest ain't dont know who you're fuckin' with, believe me.


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