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By admin, on 24-03-2008 22:57

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 the paper we got today around 12.15 we arrived at the serbian border near the town dimitrovgrad.we were not surprised to be called out of the bus together with another woman from iraque but with swedish passport,because we had our experience with the serbian border last time where the border control made some of us take off their clothes until the underwear and was checking for something quite badly on the breasts and even part of in the underwear.they took us out from the bus and started to look in all our stuff in the bags.they found some patches,stickers and papers,which they first had to take to their boss what took them quite a long time in which we could hear the telephone ring tone of one of the border control which contained obviously a part of a speech of hitler where he called the germans 1941 to the war.after around one hour checking our stuff and investigating us about where we have been we got told that we were not allowed to enter serbia with the first explanation that it was forbidden to enter with our stuff.

what should we say,even some stuff had obviously the antifascist flags on,they took it yeah,easy to misunderstand that one for sureso our tourist bus had to drive without us.they took us to the police station at the border and checked the other part of our luggage which contained some more soli cd's,feminist posters,pamphlets and patches,but they were already satisfied with the stuff they had and just busied themselves with making jokes like reaching us our passports and taking them away when we wanted to take them back.after a while they explained us another time that we are not allowed to enter even it was our only way back to germany after we were not allowed to go to romania and told us that its our own problem and we should take a airplane back or whatever and that we have to go back to bulgaria.they putted a stamp in our passports and gave us a paper which we thought just sayed what they took from us.then one police guy brought us back to the bulgarian side.he asked us really interested if we are german neonazis and when we told him we are antifascists he didnt bothered anymore to talk with us and just left us in no mans land.back in sofia our friends explained us that on the paper they gave us was written that the actual reason why we were not allowed sayed that we carried neonazistic stuff with us which they confiscated. Fuck Borders - Fuck Nations !!

!without wordsobviously why they took that

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