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By Church Lies, on 05-04-2008 23:00

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 solidarity from vienna with a spontenous demonstration to the romanian embassy

On the 4th of april  around 30 people gathered spontanously to march from schwarzenbergplatz to the romanian embassy to show their solidarity with the people struggling against the nato in bukarest. although there was no public annoucemnet made befors, the police were awaiting us. at the embassy we shouted slogans against repression and the nato and enrolled three transparents.(2 in german, 1 in romanian) officials from the embassy came out to tell the police, that the repression has nothing to do with the state of romania, but only with the nato. they have nothing to do with it. after a while we left. it was only a small sign of solidarity, we made, but it was us important to make. even if you are alone facing repression, in our mind we are with you



demonstration in Bern

On the 5th of april at 18:00 o´clock 30 people gathered at Helvetiaplatz in Bern, to protest against the Repression during the NATO-Summit, in Romania. The people went to the romanian embassy, were they showed their meaning against the things that happened. The romanian Police jailed also 2 people from Bern. 



Solidarity in Macedonia

In Skopje, Macedonia, around 50 people demonstrated against NATO in front of a government building .




Greetings fom Kopenhagen

On a Demonstration for the Ungdomshuset in Kopenhagen with 5000 people, there were also from the 4 speaker trucks solidarity greetings sent out to the activists in Bucarest actioning against the NATO summit there. So the struggle continues !




Solidarity from Sofia, Bulgaria (03.05.2008)

"Dear comrades

This evening, during the punk concert, we will speak from the stage to audience about the situation in Bucharest!!

Dear comrades
This evening, during the punk concert, we will speak from the stage to audience about the situation in Bucharest!!
In a small sign of solidarity one of the bands will playing a cover by The Clash - "Bucharest burnning".
Here no one's TV media say something about the repressions. The totalitarian state is the same everywhere.
Stay strong! Solidarity!"



thanks for all the support

updates will come 

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