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 Tens of masksed policemen have intervened, on Wednesday, at aproximately 14.00 o’clock, to evacuate 46 anti-nato militants from the Timpuri Noi area in Bucharest, where they had rented a building.

The evacuation operation has been executed by camouflaged policemen and workers of the fast intervention police unit, the militants beeing taken to Police stations 10, 11 and 12 in Bucharest.

The Bucharest Police spokesman, commisioner Cristian Ciocan, declared for Mediafax, that 46 persons that were in a rented space in the Timpuri Noi area on Wednesday, have been taken to four police stations in Bucharest for identification, after which they will be released.

12 people have been taken to police station no.23, among which 4 german citizens, a czech citizen, a spanish citizen and six romanian citizens, and 13 persons have been taken to police station no.12, among which four german citizens, a czech citizen, a moldavian citizen and seven romanians of which one was a romanian citizen with residence in Holland.

Also, 11 people have been taken to police station no.10, among which 8 germans, a portuguese and two romanian, and 16 people were taken to police station no.11, a polish citizen, 6 germans, 5 romanians and four swiss citizens.

“The four swiss citizens taken to police station no.11 have been retained before the incident from the Timpuri Noi area, for identification”, commisioner Christian Ciocan stated.

The Bucharest Police spokesman mentioned that untin now 16 people from all the police stations have been released after they have been identified.

Approximately 25 protestars for peace and anti-globalization came to the police stations as a sign of solidarity with their collegues retained by the police forces.

Anti-Nato militants, romanians and of other origins, state that they have a legal letting contract with the factory representatives, but the directorship requested their evacuation on Wednesday/

They have paid approximately 2 800 lei to rent the space until Monday, April 7th.

Wednesday, around 13:00, the people that wanted to go inside the factory were denied acces by the security guards of the building, so that the people that came out of the rented space risked not beeing able to go back in.

At the beginning of the week, the militants went inside a building in the Timpuri Noi area, where they improvised a camp where almost 50 people gathered. Also, they painted a series of banners with peace messages (ex: Stop War – Stop Nato).

George C., one of the militants that were inside the building, stated that he felt as if he were “in jail”, not being able at least to go out to buy a bottle of water.

Around 11.45, the policeman second in command at police station no.11, together with several other policemen, arrived in the Timpuri Noi area, and when the police forces tried to go inside the building, a few militans also wanted to go inside, at which time a small altercation was produced.

At 14.00, the militants had several workshops and other activities programmed.

In the case in which they will not be allowed to continue their activities, they will go to the streets and protest.

Monday, on an internet site of the anarchists, an open letter “for regular romanians” has been posted, transmitted by “some anarchists in Berlin”, in which they call to action all the regular romanians and assure them of their presence on the streets of Bucharest, but not in a big number.

The signers of the document, written in an inexact romanian, happily assumed their status of “serious opponents of those that carry nato’s wars”. “Yes, we, as anarchists, as people opposing any sort of power over the people, opposing any authoritarian social relations, opposing any sort of exploitation and compulsion, we are consequently opposing the institutions of army, we oppose the weapon industry, and generally, the militarization of the world”, state the signers.

The press monitorization agency, represented at police station 11 by the programme director, Liana Ganea, has hired a lawyer to represent the interests of those verified by the police.

The lawyer brought by the press monitorization agency to give assistance to the anti-globalization activists retained on Wednesday, in the Timpuri Noi area, has been allowed to enter police station 11.

 Liana Ganea was not allowed to enter police station 11 with the lawyer.

Lawyer Danier Bugnariu previously declared to the journalists gathered at police station 11, that he verbally requested the officer on duty to be allowed to make contact with the retained activists. After a quorter of an hour, time in which he did not receive an answer, he composed a written request.

“It’s been an hour since I got here, and I have not been allowed to enter. I haven’t been explicitely denied acces, however, it’s been an hour and I still cannot go inside”., Bugnariu declared.

Programme coordinator for the press monitorization agency, Razvan Martin, has been retained, Wednesday, by a crew of policemen that took him to police station no.10 in Bucharest. Martin was intenting to go to police station 11 in order to give assistance to those retained by the police at the Timpuri noi factory and to support his collegue, Liana Ganea, who was already at the station.

Leaders of the Human Rights Association – the Helsinki Committee and the Centre for Judicial Resources have requested access inside police station 10 in order to make contact with Razvan Martin, programme director of the press montorization agency.

Olivia Hatneanu, executive director of HRA-HC and Georgiana Iorgulescu, executive director of CJR, have handed in a request of access to Razvan Martin, to which “they did not even get a registry number”, according to them.

On the other side, policemen of station 10 are going through with the formalities for confiscation the van in which the paint and other materials were carried, van that belongs to an american citizen.

A woman that was taken by policemen from the Timpuri Noi area has been released from police station no.11 after the formalities regarding her were finished.

The woman is a foreign citizen, one of her friends asking for water to give her.

Obviously in shock after everything that had happened, the woman refused to make any kind of statement.

Subsequently, the young woman said that she is from Berlin, and that she was the first of the anti-globalization activists to be retained from the Timpui Noi area on Wednesday.

She declared that both her and her collegues were hit, threatened or even beaten by the police force, also stating that one of them was actually submitted into hospital.

“They started beating us when they entered the building and they continued to beat us in the van that carried us to the police station. We were even threatened that if we do not keep our mouths shut we will be killed”, declared for Mediafax agency, the young woman who preffered to remain anonymous, also refusing her picture being taken.

The girls’ friend, who was also in front of the police station, but who hadn’t been retained by the police forces because he wasn’t inside the building, asked the journalists to understand the girls’trauma and to respect her right to not be filmed.

After she came out of the police station, the girl sat on a bench waiting for her friends to be released.

Four of the 46 people retained by the policemen and taken to police station no.11 have been released on Wednesday night, after three hours of verifications, without getting any kind of sanction.

One of the four, Bjorn Kietzman, declared to the press, when exiting the police station 11, that he is a journalist and that he came to Bucharest for an interview and that now he cannot longer take that interview. He also presented a document that proved his journalist status.

“We were taken from the streets with no explanation and brought here. They verified us, and after three hours, without doing anything to us, they let us go”, declared Kietzman.

Asked if he was going to file a complaint, he said no, underlining just the fact that he wanted a coffee.

Five people of the ones retained from the platform of Timpuri Noi factory have been released from police station 10, other four young people still being verified, including the ones that were carrying paint for anti-nato manifestations.

The five people released said that a confusion has been made, the policemen saying that the accusations were actually agains some men.

One of the girls, from Germany, said that the police used violence when they took them from the factory and from the front of the factory, “We were just sitting in the street. I am against nato, but I wasn’t there for any protest”, she declared. She told about how the police used force and accused a police officer of sexual harrassment when he took her arm and pretended to kiss her.

“Freedom of speech is inexistent here, we cannot go in the street and say why are we against the war in Irak or the war in Afghanistan”, declared while existing another german girl.

When she was taken from the building, the police force said that four or five men have beaten up a romanian, so  now all the people in the building were retained.

“They entered the building where we were organizing workshops, seminars and planning protests in the street against Nato”, she declared, also mentioning that these protests are civil and legal.

The woman stated that around 50 to 100 policemen entered the factory, without saying anything, using gas sprays and bats, repeatedly hitting the ones inside. Many of them had blood on their faces and there was blood all over the floor, she said.

The woman mentioned that, through NGO’s, all those hurt by the romanian police force will address higher authorities.

The Nato leaders are gathering on Wednesday evening, in Bucharest, for a two day summit that will have to resolve the public divergencies between the US, France and Germany, regarding the status of Ukraine and Georgia with a view to adhering to Nato.

This summit, which will be the biggest reunion in the history of the North Atlantic Alliance, with the participation of 60 state and government leaders, the ONU general secretary and the president of the European Committee, will launch an appeal for new efforts in Afghanistan.


source: mediafax 

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