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By Church Lies, on 06-04-2008 02:12

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 Not far from the centre of Bucharest, near the Timpuri Noi factory, a group of young people rented a space, but following some misunderstandings with the director of the space, they were forcefully thrown out.


Several policemen that came to verify them have found out that these young people were planning to protest against Nato.

One of the people that observed this incident is a woman. She lives near the rented space.

            “They took some young people that were inside. That’s all I saw. Nothing else. They threw them  inside their two police vans and left. I can’t tell you anything else”, says a nearby witness.


But one of these young people, Rares, who did not enter the rented space together with his collegues, explained to BBC what they were up to:

            “This space was supposed to be a space for criticizing the war, the Nato politics, and for promoting peace. Inside there were supposed to be talks, some workshops, readings and concerts, as far as I know”, says Rares.

BBC: During the summit?

            “Yes, I think. But it all started yesterday. (Tuesday)”. Rares says.


There were a couple of tens of anti-nato young people, that came from abroad – Germany, Switzerland, Moldavian Republic but also from Romania.


According to Rares, the romanian authorities are severely exceeding their authority.


How does the police respond to these accusations?

“ The police intervention was determined by the fact that the people that came with that paint wanted to go inside that building and they were denied access”.

“In these conditions, they became violent and aggressed both the security man and the director of this building”, says the spokesman for the Bucharest Police, Cristian Ciocan.


“For the other situation, verifications have been conducted, because the persons were in relation with each other, in order to precisely state what has happened here”.


“We are talking about both foreign and romanian citizens. Some writings have been found. Some of them with an anti-nato direction, like “Stop Nato” or “Solidarity is a weapon”. I want to state the fact that nothing illegal results from these posters, writings or banners.”


“Moreover, freedom of speech is guaranteed. But it is about the action from the beginning when some people became violent and the police intervention was imperative at the request of the building’s director and also a verification action had to take place”, said Cristian Ciocan.


BBC: And what if they would have organized anti-nato protests, what would have happened?

“I cannot reffer to the future tense or to any hypothesis. I can only reffer to what has happened”

“They say that the space was rented in order to organize an event. It was necessary to establish for which event it was rented”.

“Those writings, banners, sound systems, video systems, a map with the location of the Palace of Parliament and with different routes have been identified.”

“All of these things will make the object of a verification and at the end of this we will have a conclusion”, says mr.Ciocan


source: BBC 


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humans make mistakes

By: youthful_hedonism (Registered) on 06-04-2008 20:49

humans make mistakes

By: youthful_hedonism (Registered ) on 06-04-2008 20:49

protestants , protesters ,remonstrants, whatever 
i think you got the point 
no need for ironical jokes


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