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By Church Lies, on 06-04-2008 03:36

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According to the Romanian Local Media 


"Hasotti about the case of the anarchists:  An eventual injustice is better than tolerating a total mess



 The vicepresident of PNL , Puiu Hasotti , believes that  the intervention of the police  on the group of  anti –NATO  militants  from Timpuri Noi hall is oportune , stating that “An eventual injustice is better than tolerating a total mess”

The liberal chief said in a press  conference that took place on Thursday in Constanta , that the men of law interfered promptly  and prevented  some eventual problems that could have appeared during the Nato summit in Bucharest.

“The intervention of the police was a response to the  request of the owner, who had been agressed . We have a great  responsibility. And maybe, sometimes, in very special cases, it would be better to make an eventual injustice  then permitting an obvious disorder “ , declared Puiu Hasotti.

He also commented upon the request of PSD who wanted the secretary of state , Cristian David ,to apologise to the young people who were agressed by the forces of opression.

“In the first place, PSD should apologise for the “mineriade” which have thrown Romania 20 years behind and then to request  such demands  that have no connection with reality” explained the vicepresident of PNL.

Finally, he wanted to specify that the point of view reffering to the intervention on the anarchists is a  personal one , and has no connection with the party itself.


Groups of  masked policemen interfered on  Wednesday ,at aproximately 14:00 pm at the eviction of the  46 anti-Nato militants  from Timpuri Noi area , where these had rented a hall . The eviction operation has been executed by gendarmes and employees of the Rapid Intervention Police Service (SPIR) , the militants being taken to the police stations no. 10, 11, 12  and 23 in Bucharest."


source: mediafax  

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