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Protest against state repression towards the anti war militants - Iasi PDF Print E-mail
Written by caiskandarani   
Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Immediately after the Bucharest Nato summit, and after the „correction” applied by the romanian state to those who are against the current security politics and militarism, we managed to organise a protest march.

Around the date of April 15th we started the legal stept necessary to organise a public gathering. At first, we informed the authorities that we intent to go to the streets on April 19th, but we gave up on that day because we would have intersected with some other 2 public gatherings and we didn;t want our path to be cut down. We overcame the small bantering of some public workers and we agreed to give another notice for the date of April 24th.

On April 21st we filed another notice and we were supposed to get an answer from the Mayor on Wednesday, April 23rd. On that day we contacted the person responsible for public gatherings from the technical secretary office of the Mayor who said that our notice hasn’t reached the Mayor yet. We were told to try again the following morning. In this case, we asked if issuing a disposition that was favourable to us was only a formality. * the 48 hours provisioned by law 60 from September 1991 had passed, time in which the Mayor was obliged to give, in writing, the reason for not allowing a public gathering to happen.

And if we didn’t get any negative answer in the 48 hours, it could have been understood that there is a silent approval. The Mayors answer was unconclusive, they said that the mayors signature is only a formality although the period of time when we could have gotten a negative answer had already passed.

With all this happenings, we were there at the Mayors on the morning of April 24th to take the disposition. Even in this case there was a problem, because of the time we had to announce this gathering, and we were more and more aware of the so called derail, but we still did not get the answer.

This time, it wasn;t the document that didn’t get where it was supposed to, it was the Gendarmery which, from what the Mayors told us, did not come to be informed of this gathering.

Several hours of waiting followed. Around 13.00 we insisted to get an answer, but we found out that only then did the representatives of the Police and Gendarmery arrive. A long waiting period followed. As long as the people from the mayors said that the documents will be ready immediately, we were thinking that it’s going to take minutes, maybe tens of minutes. The decision, the mayors disposition, came at 15.00, which was two hours before the schedualed beggining of the march.

Although we didn’;t have much time on our hands, we managed to send in a hurry some messages to the media and to friends and supporters.

We finally managed to gather around 30 people. The route was set to go from: Bld-ul Carol I – Piaţa Mihai Eminescu – Str. Gavril Muzicescu – Str. Arcu – Bld-ul Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt – Str. Anastasie Panu – Str. Elena Doamna – Bld-ul Independenţei, and the stop would be in the Piata Eminescu in front of CCS.

Disappointed and angry because of the byrocratic problems, we complained about the organising of the march. There is also something to be learned from this, when you plan something you have to let the authorities know with at least a month prior to your planned event, because they will most certainly not comply with at least the legal terms.

We agreed to shorten the route but, at about the half of the initial route (where we said we would make a stop) we raised eachothers moral, we started yelling slogans and we felt more comfortable so as to continue..

In the streets, people had different opinions, some were sending us to school – although it seems that the school didn’t do much good to those ones- (*the stereotype of the protester – uneducated punk); about perceiving the surrounding people...some were encouraging us and telling us that these kind of actions should be done everyday. I had nothing to comment about the feedback.

Towards the end, we had to stop on Bld-ul Independentei because we had surpassed our time limit, although we were 5-10 minutes away from the ending point. As far as actions against repression, these will continue as long as the authorities of the state continue to harass different young people brought together by an ideal that is different then theirs and people that share true freedom.

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