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Written by Church Lies   
Thursday, 23 October 2008

On 26th and 27th September 2008 took place the third edition of anarcha-feminist festival Lovekills in Timisoara, although it seemed almost impossible to organize this kind of festival in a society where ignorance and materialism can be transformed very easy in a violent oppression against everything different. The third edition of LoveKills festival happened in the end. Even though this was a great ambition for our collective, at one point it seemed, for some of us, a „dream” that can not be accomplished. Although it might have seemed somehow „impossible” to organize it, or even let’s say a „crazy” whish, our will and strength that we have achieved during our activity and experiences, motivated us to keep on fighting and make this „dream” come true. And it came true, and proved once more that nothing is impossible, and that together we are able to build up resistance.

The ones who made this festival possible were the group H.Arta, those who assured a place to host the workshops, the friends from Timisoara who agreed to put their own homes on the line and put so much time and effort in the so called “minor” problems like cooking and cleaning, and last but not least all the participants from all over that prepared and supported the different workshops.

The way we envisioned this third edition of the festival, was just like the previous one. We wanted to provide during the two days a space for those people who are involved or interested in anarcha-feminist struggle; a space where people can have some nice time with discussions, practical workshops, changing experience, a space for networking and building friendships.

It was more like a gathering and not actually a festival, as we wanted to skip the concerts in favor of a party with nice dancing music. The reason for avoiding a concert is because we preferred to avoid all those problems we have met during the years in our experience with organizing concerts, such as drawing in that sort of a public that acts contrary to what we wanted to build. We had to face many times before drunken (or not) people acting and talking in extremely sexist, homophobic or racist ways for example; and these sort of situations were not very easy to handle because the “scene” in Romania is based on the idea that somebody is a very good friend of somebody else, so you can not kick out such a good old buddy of who knows who.

While organizing a nice party doesn’t draw in that sort of public who is only after making troubles. It works perfectly and besides it seems in this way that people are having much more fun at such parties.

As LoveKills collective is a self-managed and organized group and our financial resources are very limited, it was obvious that we couldn’t afford renting a bar for three to four hundred euros a night.

Unfortunately in Romania there are no squats, no autonomous spaces, no social-youth centers/clubs, so we had to search for a space to rent for the party and to even consider booking rooms at hostel.

In the end, many young people from the local scene, offered to host most of the people who came. And just one night before the festival was starting, we managed to get in contact with a club that rented us for reasonable amount of money, a space for the party, initially for a few hours, until 2 a.m. But thanks to Romanian “tradition” we were able to stay and party until dawn, by bribing the doorkeeper with a few more money.

The festival began Friday at 12 o’clock with „Welcome ” and presentation of Lovekills Collective and festival and it continued with the next workshops :

- Oppression of women by orthodox church
The lecture is focusing on the Romanian context and it is part of a study case on the Romanian Orthodox Church related to: state, army, extreme right wing and oppression of women. The lecture is aiming at raising awareness: on how church is manipulating and oppressing people, and moreover women, how it is empowered by state, popular
practices and traditions in doing so; bringing up issues that are not easily noticed, especially in regions where religion and church are no longer problems of actuality. Annex: exhibition.

- Latent prostitution
When we think of prostitution we mostly think of direct prostitution that means direct sexual contact of prostitute with client that is suppose to end with money paid by client to prostitute but there is also latent prostitution as subtle way of prostitution and less evident. This type of prostitution is hidden, secret and has more silent agreement in society then direct prostitution. Latent prostitution doesn’t have to be consumed in sexual way but it has similar connotations to sexuality.

- cut & change-cut & change is a workshop about our possibilities to question, change, reinterpret and
re-contextualise the messages that are mass- transmitted through our clothing or other items that we use daily. We will cut, sew, paste, draw, combine, rewrite and divert the sexist, consumerist and stereotype messages, transforming them into messages that would speak about the possible alternatives.

-To shave or not to shave … This is the question – a review on how society looks at “growing” hairs on different parts of human body, how is this connected with gender roles, what’s the point of depilation, do people do it because of beauty standards, health, fashion or is it just one more subject that is just unquestionable.

- Stencil making workshop – Stencil is a graffiti technique to express your political slogans and favorite pictures on t-shirts, walls etc. So bring your pictures you want to use, good slogans and if you have papers, colors and thin cutters.

Saturday the festival started at 13.30 with -Self-defense opened


-Feminism - not just for women – Discussion on the way patriarchal system is affecting men as well. Why are some men perceiving “feminism” as a struggle only for women? And how can we overcome some preconceived ides about this “separatism”.

- Color hair- D.I.Y workshop about how can you paint and cut your hair

- D.I.Y. – Computer Security workshop-Let’s discuss why computer-security is also for you important. Let’s find out how it works on diffrent computer system software (windows, linux, mac) to mail encrypted with gpg or pgp and how to make secure partitions on your hardware.

- Drag Workshop/drag-„dressed as guy” or „dressed as girl” describes the performance of a gender which is not your biological one. After a short introduction about the history and idea of drag shows, drag kings and queens as a part of transegender practices and some basic skills like faking beards, breasts or penises, there was time for experiences.
During the both days there were several documentaries and movies screened as well.

The Festival ended with a great dancing party.

In our opinion, the most important element was the feeling of friendship that the participants had. Some of them pointed out the fact that people could communicate and express their ideas freely and with no holding back in a way that contravened all prejudices and clichés in the actual society. Some of the participants were impressed by the fact that the number of male participants was surprisingly high, and their involvement was very active.

The patriarchal ideas and sexism that it generates can easily be removed because they are absolutely outrageous and they do nothing but to destroy inter-human relationships. The third edition of the LoveKills festival demonstrated again how feminism puts in practice anarchist ideas.

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