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15 years old anarchist killed by Cops in Greece PDF Print E-mail
Written by caiskandarani   
Monday, 08 December 2008

Saturday night at 21.30 in the center of Athens a young boy was murdered by the cops. The murder happened after a small group of anarchists argued with the crew of patrol police car. The anarchist didnt have with them any petrol bombs nor carrying stones or other weapons nether.

The boy was killed in front of some eyewitness , the place is very crowded with a lot of busy bars around , especially the Saturday night. One of the policemen shot at and killed in cold blood the 15 years old young boy.

The two policemen left the boy dead on the ground. The names of the policemen who killed the boy are Epaminodas Korkoneas (37 years old) and Vasilis Saraliotis (31 years old).

After a night of rage , a day of revolt

All around Greece riots and demonstrations are taking place at the moment. Demonstrators attacked police departments ,burned patrol cars and banks.

Demonstrations, riots and solidarity actions are taking place (or took place) at the moment in Athens, Thessaloniki, Chania, Sparta, Mitilini, Alexandroupolis, Ksanthi, Volos and many more places.


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