Polizia Assassini again and again...
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Friday, 20 March 2009


S aturday night, 14th of March 2009, Alexei Vlas 29 years old was shot dead by
a Moldavian policeman, in the capital of Republic of Moldova, Chisinau.  Alexei went to celebrate the birthday of a friend. At one moment he left the party together with three other friends. On the stairway they ran into two policemen and one of them started beating up Alexei.  While kicking Alexei with the knees on his head, the policeman was shouting: “I will kick you and I will slay you”, afterwards he aimed the gun at the back of Alexei’s head and shot him deadly. 


The policemen
claimed that their presence on the stairway of the block was justified by a call from a woman who is living there and asked for them to come and protect her and her mother after they were threatened over the phone by a man who said that he is going to come and kill them. None of the neighbours confirmed such a call for the police intervention. The policemen initially declared that Alexei was attacking a woman on the stairway with a knife, while later on they mentioned in one of their declarations that Alexei actually stabbed the policeman in the leg thus justifying his shoot. Eyewitnesses (friends as well as neighbours) denied the facts presented by the police and claimed that actually the policeman, who killed Alexei, went a few stairs bellow and stabbed himself with a knife in order to justify the shoot. The prosecutor who is investigating the crime declared that the policemen might have taken Alexei for somebody else, the aggressor who supposedly threatened the women over the phone.  This argument is again not standing since the eyewitnesses say that in fact Alexei was addressed by name and the policemen actually aggressed
him several times before in the same area. Further declarations of the Inner Affairs Ministry are still claiming that the crime was justified and that the policeman acted according the law, in legitimate defence.

 Alexei had no parents, just two younger brothers whom he was taking care of and raising. 

On Tuesday a demonstration was organized in Chisinau by students revolting against police brutality and abuse of power. They protested in front of the Minister of Inner Affairs and afterwards headed towards the city prosecutor’s office. On the way one young person was arrested by civil cops, brutalised and taken to the precinct. At the moment we know that he was released, but the police confiscated his ID card. There are no infos so far about his condition after being released or about what happened to him during the interrogation at the precinct. 

  Saturday there is another demonstration planned in Chisinau, while in other cities solidarity actions are being prepared in front of Moldavian embassies.





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